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It's no secret the Midwest tech scene is booming - and each city is constantly touting its chops as they strive to become the next Silicon Valley. As each ecosystem's startup economy is rapidly growing, it can be difficult to discern a mere rising tide versus standout success. So we combed through the data to determine the ecosystems that are maximizing the tech renaissance - and understand why some are lagging behind. Without further ado, allow us to present the first annual rankings for Best of the Midwest: Startup Cities!

How the ranking was calculated

Startup Activity

A measure of how active the tech community in the city is, and the size and quality of the network available to a new startup. It considers factors such as the number of startups present and their success rates.

Access To Resources

A measure of how supportive the city's environment is, and what value-add it can provide to help a startup grow. It considers factors such as the quality of the talent, investor activity, and public and private support.

Economics & Demographics

A measure of how conducive the city's economic environment is to attract and scale a business. It includes factors such as the cost of living, population, and GDP per capita.

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